Etipol A/S has since 1969 supplied machines and varius equipment for the production of selfadhesive labels.
Etipol has first and foremost dealt with Japanese machines. The main supplier and collaboration partner during all these years has been SHIKI MACHINE SUPPLY CORPORATION. ETIPOL, being the general representative in Europe, has its own agents in several countries e.g United Kingdom, Germany, Spain and Italy. In France ETIPOL has a subsidiary company of its own: Etipol France S.a.r.l.

Both companies have "development" as a keyword with interesting results. On IPEX 88 SHIKI unveiled the very first offsetlabel printing machine on the market in the world - now sold all over Europe.

Etipol is also a production company and has from the very beginning developed varius equipment for the label industry such as drying tunnels, sprocket hole punching units, cornerstone plates etc.

In 1990 Etipol went into the machine production and can today present a fully developed semi-rotary label printing press: the COMBI 270 and COMBI 340 equipped with an electronic PC computer and a perfect register.
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